Deboning beef
according to best practices

At Presta Breizh, we consider a piece of beef to be like a “precious stone”, that needs to be finely worked using gestures with a goldsmith’s dexterity. The raw material deserves respect and this is manifested, whether deboning vertically or on the table, by minute precision in the cutting and perfect compliance with hygiene and traceability rules, guaranteeing food safety. These ethical standards have won us the confidence of France’s most prestigious beef processing companies.

This level of requirements, conveyed by a strict set of specifications, enables Presta Breizh to offer high culinary quality in meat for consumers. Each step of the process is conducted in cutting workshops that scrupulously respect the cold chain. Once the beef is deboned, it is turned into choice cuts: sirloin, meat for mincing, rib of beef, rump steak, then to be packed and packaged.